Nintendo Wii and Netflix Party (and Giveaway!)

 I’ve grown up worshipping Nintendo all my life, owning every game system they ever created. I mean, who doesn’t have fond memories of playing Tetris all hours of the night and saving the princess in Zelda as a kid? Working with them as a Brand Ambassador is pretty much the awesomest “job” ever, if you can even call it a job, because I love them that much.

As part of my “job,” Nintendo sponsored a Wii-shindig in my home, for my friends to come over and kick-it while we celebrate the partnership between Nintendo and Netflix. I had the extreme pleasure of experiencing actual adult conversation (stop the presses!!) over some great eats with friends, and teaching a few guests how to set up their Netflix to their Wii (pretty much adding unlimited awesome to something already awesome).

Oh, the food, friends, and the games! Gosh, did I mention how great it was to have actual adult conversation and laughter OHTHELAUGHTER! All while the kids had an absolute blast rocketing into space with Super Mario Galaxy 2, then dancing their little behinds off with Just Dance (as you will see in the video, there was lots and lots of dancing), as well as Mario Kart Wii and Nerf and gosh, my poor Wii was on for HOURS!

We downloaded Tetris Party from the Wii Shop, in which I schooled my kids (ahem, and hubby) as well as old-school Zelda. For real. I can’t believe you can get those games using Wii Points (which I was able to hand out like candy to my party guests. Woo hoo!)

All in all, a wonderful time. And? Video proof a great time was had by all.

(By the way, the sound is a little off, not sure why Windows Live Movie Maker did that.)

I don’t think I can love Nintendo anymore than I do right now.

Wait, yes I can. The day they come out with the Wii with full HD capabilities. Mario + Netflix + HD = awesomesauce. I eagerly await that day, my friends.

Win it! Three Winners! – CLOSED

**Congrats to Amanda D., tj2052 and eyzofblu63**

Anyone want to win a Nintendo 2000 Points Card, good for the Wii or DSi? I have THREE to give away!

To enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite memories of playing any Nintendo game system. Did you play Zelda as a child, too, or do you still? How awesome are you at Tetris, or Mario Kart? 

For extra entries:

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Open to US entrants only. Winner will be chosen using Contest ends Saturday, July 10th, at 10pm CST.

Good luck, and happy gaming!

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