A Simple Remodel for a Home to Love

by Lisa Douglas
The beginning of my remodel for my desk area – see below for the finished product!

It wasn’t until I began losing weight and taking that small amount of time to do something so good for myself that I truly realized how little I seemingly cared for myself back before when I was heavier. Sure, I had children, I was busy, but here I was chasing after my littles to eat well, wash their faces, brush their teeth and take vitamins, and I was barely doing any of that for myself. How could I dare teach them to respect themselves if I didn’t respect myself first?

Not only were changes happening to my body outwardly, but inwardly as well. I began to realize I was worth so much more than I dared admit, and that I had to start caring for myself as much as I cared for them.

Now that I’ve gotten into the habit of caring for my family and myself, I realize that the caring and overall ‘taking care’ doesn’t stop at just us. Our home now needs my attention, too. Not in a I-need-to-clean-more-often, kind-of way, but in a we-can-have-grown-up-furniture-and-nice-things, kind-of way. I have spent so much time being a frugalist – buying the least expensive items, or second-hand fix-er-uppers, where my motto of duct tape for every repair is alive and well. But it doesn’t have to be, because it’s not something I’m proud of. I shouldn’t have to MacGyver things back together to keep ’em longer, despite being a money-saver. It doesn’t help matters any that I’m a sentimental old bat, too, and that I like keeping things wayyy longer than anyone should because they remind me of this time, or that  time. Ugh. (I think Flylady was created for me, for realz).

I want to feel inspired in my own home. I want to walk room-to-room and fall in love with everything I see. I’m tired of looking at our things we own and think they are “just okay” or “nice” because, for whatever reason, instead of having things we truly love beyond words, we stuck ourselves with things that we don’t care for. We may be military, and we may not own this home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be proud of our things and possessions.

I want to feel a sense of accomplishment. Once upon a time I was an artist, for crying out loud. I know I can do better than this, six kids and afraid of it breaking five-minutes after it was purchased or not, I need another creative outlet, and what better than my own home?

And so, my journey has begun. Little by little, I’m tackling my home to make it one I don’t ever want to leave. Want to see what I’ve done so far?

Here’s the new wall behind my laptop. Amazingly what a couple of pretty espresso shelves, some awesome bins and baskets, a few cheap frames with clearanced scrap-booking paper in them, and a handy corkboard will do. Do you see that there, behind my laptop, the flower there next to the corkboard, hanging on the wall? It’s something I’ve hung on my laptop for almost a year – Sara Sophia made it and gave it to me at the Type-A Mom conference last year. {Made. It.} How could I not keep it and treasure it so? I love seeing it every day, whenever I’m online. It reminds me of the great friends I have.

A table and decor changed, here’s our entrance before and here it is now.

Our curtains then, and our curtains now, as well as a wall decor change and some sprucing up – see?

Here’s what we’ve done with the corner of our back yard, which was in desperate need of help – a clearanced flag-holder and some rejuvenated plants (that jalapeno plant has doubled in size and has already produced since this picture was taken! And the herbs are bigger, too!)

This is the sweet little wrought-iron shelf I hung on our ghastly walls outside to make it look prettier (a hard task. You’ve seen our time-warp house last spring.)

We purchased these in-expensive lanterns to brighten up our horridly dark porch. They look splendid at night!

I love my wind-chime, that matches the wrought-iron shelf above. It sits right outside the window near my desk.

Another cheap update that adds greenery and cheerfulness to the kitchen. And when I say cheap, I mean cheap! See those price tags I intentionally left on? Originally $12.98, but I got it for $2 at Lowes. Yes!

I. Love. My. Double. Begonias. Of all places, I got them at the commissary! And my hanging baskets, my beautiful new patriotic star, butterfly, and wall basket.

And this, I love LOVE this find at Hobby Lobby. They set it out for July 4th, but being a military wife who loves to rock Americana all year round, I had to snatch it up for my front door in need of cheering up.

More updates to come. I’m loving my house redo, even if it’s only a little by little! Next update – the dressers!

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