All Natural and Organic Halloween Candy Alternatives

by Lisa Douglas

Halloween is upon us this weekend, and we’ve been preparing for it accordingly by purchasing our candy for the Halloween Trading Post we do every year. Here’s more information:

Our children go out trick-or-treating, collecting various chemically-burdened, artificially-colored and preservative-laden confectioneries from our neighbors. Instead of allowing them to eat said candies, they give us everything they’ve collected from our neighbors, and in return, get safe, all-natural, organic candy from us as a result. It’s a win/win situation- they get to partake in candy, still, and we ensure what they’re eating isn’t laden with artificial-this and chemicals we can’t pronounce.

Fantastic idea, no?

Think about it like this – no having to check through which is safe, and which isn’t. Heck, if we are done early enough, we “recycle” candy we receive on Halloween right back out to trick-or-treaters! (Except chocolate confiscated by my husband for looking incredibly lonely. Or tasty. Or something.)

I explain in detail why we do this (a very thought-provoking, borderline-scary read on candies of today versus candies from decades ago), citing wonderful resources like, and including our favorite candy choices in my post last year, All Natural Halloween Candy Alternatives. Check it out!

Here’s our wonderful candy picks this year, to include organic oreo cookies and all-natural fruit roll-ups!

All Natural Halloween Candy Alternatives

Ghirardelli chocolates, Great Value Peanut Butter Cups and Pearson’s Mint Patties can be found at Walmart. Newman-O’s and Simply Fruit Roll-Ups we found at our post Commissary.

All Natural Halloween Candy Alternatives

These Jack-O-Lantern Chocolates are found at

Tell me, what do YOU do for Halloween and treat-filled holidays?

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