The Kmart Layaway Secret Santa

I love these types of holiday stories this time of year, showcasing the kindness of strangers. This particular story involves a woman, donating a cart-full of toys at her local Kmart, and deciding to give even more. Except, she wasn’t shopping for more toys to donate, she wanted to pay someone’s layaway purchase, too. Three ‘someones,’ to be exact.

She asked the Kmart attendant, “Can I, you know, pay off some people’s layaway?”

When asked if she was trying to pick up layaway without an ID, she responded, “Nope, I just want to help people.”

Source: Secret Santa picks up 3 layaway bills

With 800 different layaway accounts available to pay off at that store, she randomly chose three that abided by her one and only rule – that the layaway purchase have toys on it. She paid about $500 in total.

“It was really crazy the way she did it. She was so excited and so happy to do it,” said Goddard. “She had a great heart, and I told her that I felt like she had a great heart, and she said she doesn’t want to take appreciation for it. She just felt that she was blessed and she wanted to bless others.” – source

Choosing to remain anonymous, the secret santa Kmart shopper simply signed the paid receipt ‘from a friend.’

I simply love this story. I love how you can turn something as simple as saving money during the holidays with layaway into an unsuspecting gift for someone else. How thoughtful and inventive is that? Who knew you could be a secret santa at a Kmart layaway counter? I certainly didn’t, until now.

It actually has me thinking about the gesture, how I could be visiting my local Kmart to pay down my layaway and suddenly (and sneakily) choose to pay towards someone else’s, too. Pay it forward (kind-of). I like it!

Have you ever done something like this? Whether paying someone’s layaway, or take-out order, or toll?

Disclosure: I am a compensated Kmart Layaway Ambassador but my opinions, experiences and money-saving powers of awesome are all mine.

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