Bow hospital hat

I don’t think I can quite elaborate the tired-elated-exhausted-excited-aching feeling I’m going through at the moment; chock-filled with so much emotion and contentment and the OHMYGODIHAVESEVENKIDSNOW feeling.

And then, there are quiet times in which I listen to her breathe, and squeak, and squirm just a little in my arms, and I ache to stop time and stay here forever.

Baby V cuddles daddy

The kids couldn’t be more smitten with her. They are always watching her, wanting to protect her, diligently standing watch, in case she needs something, anything, gently caressing her head and at-the-ready with a receiving blanket or pacifier or playful sibling to sing and perform for her pleasure.

Baby Dude meets Baby V

It’s so funny how, we had no plans to have another, she was definitely a surprise baby, and yet, she completes us in a way I never expected.

Baby V meets Big Sis
Baby V meets Super M
Baby V meets Captain Obvious
Baby V meets Major Spaz
Baby V meets Biggest Sis

Now that I am home, and our family is altogether, I am happy in an almost-frightening, overwhelming, fantasticly wonderful way. This is the kind of happy a person dreams about, and I’m so blessed that this is my reality….

All my seven crazy kids

…with our brand of crazy ‘n all.

All seven kids captioned photo

My heart (and family) is full.

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