Memorial Day

by Lisa Douglas

I’m always pretty torn when it comes to Memorial Day. Sure, it’s a day off, a day filled with pool openings and barbecues and get-togethers and kids frolicking in the sunshine. It’s a nice long weekend and it usually marks the end of school and the beginning of summer for most.

But for military families, it’s a day we take pretty seriously.

American flag
American flag by immigrationdetective, on Flickr
I will never forget the time we spent with the boy scouts, placing flags on the graves of soldiers a few years back. My husband and I both held hands choking back tears, desperately trying not to openly weep at the graves of those fallen heroes.

We never, ever take it for granted that it could be folks we know and love in that ground, commemorated on this day alongside their brethren-in-arms.

Today, as you roast marshmallows and splash at the pools, please remember the lives of those fallen to protect you. Honor them in your toasts and say a prayer for the families they left behind tonight before bed.

Today, we salute you.

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