Top 5 Green Cleaning Products for Everyday Use

by Lisa Douglas

You know how much I’m into all-natural cleaning solutions for my home. I have tried nearly every green cleaner out there, and I can tell you, I’m quite passionate about finding what works best, not only for cleaning’s sake, but for the money. Here’s my top 5 green cleaning products in order of AWESOMEST EVER to MOSTLY AWESOME:

  1. Shaklee Basic H2 – You cannot beat this cleaner for its value, many abilities, and gusto. This concentrated cleaner gets super-diluted in water, lasts forever, can be used just about everywhere, and cleans like a boss. Windows? Check. Countertops? Check. Carpets? Check. There are no downsides to this cleaner. This is the A#1 one to use, hands down. Until your kids grab hold of it and empty it on you when cleaning the car {cries} MSRP $12.15 for a 16 oz bottle
  2. Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner – When my kids got hold of my Shaklee cleaner to wash the car, and USED THE ENTIRE BOTTLE {insert mom crying here}, we were forced to go out and get something on the fly. Mrs. Meyers was available in a concentrated bottle, similar to Shaklee, and I gave it a go. It lasted a decent amount of time, cleaned somewhat comparably to Shaklee, but took quite a bit more per mixture to do what Shaklee does in a fraction of the amount. Overall, it’s not a bad back-up concentrated cleaner. MRSP $7.99 for a 32 oz bottle
  3. Earth Friendly Parsley Plus All Surface Cleaner – The second I opened this package, I was immediately blown away by this Parsley cleaner. It made my kitchen smell like an herb garden, with its scrumptious smell of parsley, while I cleaned my counters and sink. Lovely delectable scent, and didn’t do a bad job on cleaning, either. While it’s not concentrated, you can purchase a spray bottle and then refill it by purchasing it in gallon or five gallon refill size. MSRP $5.49 per 22 oz spray bottle, $19.49 for a gallon refill, $77 for a 5 gallon refill
  4. Earth Friendly Window Cleaner – I know you’re lookin’ at the screen wondering why I included a window cleaner on an all purpose cleaning list. Because it is my newest laminate floor cleaner! YES! We have not been able to find anything to clean our floors until now. Not only does it shine up my mirrors, windows, microwave door and computer screens like a freakin’ magician, I took this badboy to my laminate floors and WHAM! It cured my footprint/fingerprint smudge problems I had when the other supposed cleaners left a residue! And it’s safe to use without ruining the floors! Hooray!  MRSP $4.29 for 22 oz spray bottle, $13 for a gallon refill, $51 for a 5 gallon refill
  5. Honest Company Multi Surface Cleaner – When the Honest Company first launched, I was sent this cleaner (among other products) to try out, and I love them everything that was sent. This cleaner made cleaning up my stove and microwave an absolute breeze, and it came to a gorgeous shine the first time (instead of repeat uses to get there). My only hiccup with this cleaner is the fact that, you can’t buy it singularly when you want it, it has to be bundled with other home products in order to receive it. I hope the Honest Company changes this practice soon, I don’t want to be stuck unable to get it if I run out! Pricing per bottle unavailable, but subscription for the home cleaners is $35.95 a month with $3.95 shipping. *EDIT* has now added availability for individual product ordering! Hooray! Find their cleaners available here:

Honest Essentials are 100% Natural, Non-Toxic, and Affordable! Learn More

Do you use green cleaners in your home? Have you used any of the ones I’ve listed here as my favorites? Which ones are you using and in love with?

Note- While I was sent some of the cleaners above for review, this is no way influenced my judgement on whether they should be listed on this list.  This list is based solely upon my usage of the above products and how well they worked for our family as compared to other products. These are the best to me, hands down.

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