Operation Awesome School Lunch, Day 3

by Lisa Douglas

Operation Awesome School Lunch bas been a rousing success so far! The kids love their varied menu and clean their plates, err, lunchboxes. 🙂

Day 2 feedback: Love love looooved it. Definitely enough food, had their friends drooling. My oldest said her friends didn’t believe she had a do-it-yourself taco kit, and wanted hers. 🙂

Day 3 menu: For my olders, Mini Bacon Quiches with mini Blueberry Muffins, frozen fruit, a frozen yogurt tube, and a granola bar.

mini quiche bento lunch

To make the bacon quiches, I whipped together 16 eggs with 2.5 cups of milk (yes, that much!) I fried and crumbled about 8 pieces of bacon, and shredded a block of cheese, only using about 1 cup and saving the rest. I seasoned lightly with some black pepper, baking at 350 for 20 minutes, or until tops get slightly browned. Do not overfill your muffin tin with egg, because it rises. Only fill about 2/3 of the way full. This made 12 muffins (seen below) and 9 mini-loaves (shown above).

mini quiches

Because they are mini, they are easy to pack and pick-up to eat. I made these the night before, let them cool, and put them together to refrigerate overnight.

For my kindergartner, she chose chicken nuggets with carrot sticks, pretzels, a cinnamon granola bar, and I surprised her with some organic fruit snacks and a cookie. (I like surprises in lunches, don’t you?)

chicken nuggets bento school lunch

For my third-grader, he wanted something in addition to the bacon quiche, so I made him his favorite – grilled cheese. I surprised him with a natural fruit roll-up, too. He also had frozen fruit and a frozen yogurt tube.

grilled cheese bento lunch

It makes me happy to see them so happy with what we’re doing. Even my husband is on board. It’s become quite the family affair. 🙂

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