Email Subscriptions and Feed Delivery Ch-ch-ch-channnges!

by Lisa Douglas

Dear friends,

Feedburner, my once-chosen RSS feed delivery service, is seemingly dying. I woke up to this scare last week, thinking I’d lost all of you:

feedburner screenshot

Amazingly enough, it is STILL not remedied! Even if Google is claiming it’s simply a “bug” (and this is freakin’ GOOGLE we’re talking about), and it’s still not fixed?! Something is definitely hinky, especially since they’ve nixed Adsense for feeds and closed up shop on Twitter. Some folks think it’s just a typical Feedburner hiccup, but I am too concerned because Feedburner has always been hiccupy. Not to mention, Google don’t seem too concerned about fixing this issue anytime soon, either, and I think that’s very telling for the future of Feedburner.

With that in mind, I’ve gone and moved my feed over from Feedburner to Feedblitz. Unfortunately, because of the Feedburner bug isn’t fixed yet, I’m not sure everyone who once subscribed has made it over to the new list.

move to feedblitz

With that said, I’m going to need you to help me out just a little, to ensure you remain subscribed here, and click on the new feed url to be sure you’re still subscribed here. It’s super easy, super quick, in-and-out and done so you can stay updated. Many more options to stay updated on what goes on here, which is nice.

Here’s what you see when you click on the new subscription link.

subscription options

In the meantime, for the next week, some of you email subscribers might notice two sets of email coming from me (one from Feedburner, and one from Feedblitz), and I apologize. I’m diligently working on deactivating Feedburner while keeping Feedblitz, but I want to be sure everyone makes it over first, and so I need for Feedburner to remain active for a little while longer. Please do not be alarmed, I’m not trying to spam anyone, and I apologize for the extra mail in advance.

I’m excited about using Feedblitz! I’m going to be able to craft topic-specific newsletters for you so you can choose to stay connected here with only the info you want – so if you’re only here for the recipes, school lunch ideas, crafts, or the funny stories, those are the ones you’ll be getting soon. Neat, huh?

What do you think? Are there any other newsletter topic ideas you’d like to see?

(P.S. Could you come back here and comment to tell me if you received this alright with Feedblitz?)

New feed, be sure to update! >> <<

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