Giving Mom a Heart Attack Like A Boss

by Lisa Douglas

Baby Dude was steadily denying us his ability to wake from his long nap. (I worked them hard at the playground today). V decided to intervene, at first, she tickled his toes, trying to reach for him, and then, I turned my head and my world exploded.

“HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled, and everyone came running. I barely got a picture before she decided to let go and come tumbling down into her brother’s arms.

I immediately shared the above picture on Instagram, captioning it: “Pardon my French, but HOLY SHIT!!! SHE JUST PULLED HERSELF UP!!!!! She’s not even sitting up yet!?!”

And then, as if by design, as if to throw me her baby middle finger, or call out “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED,” moments later we saw this:

Gotta make me a liar, this one. She’s quite the overachiever. First, two teeth at once, now two milestones at once.

I fear for our future.

(Hold me. Please.)

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