Putting the Labor in Labor Day

by Lisa Douglas

For Labor Day, most folks had a barbecue, swam at the beach or at their local pool to celebrate the last moments of “summer.”

The Douglas Family, however, said SCREW ALL THAT NORMAL CRAP and said siyonara to summer by cleanin’ out the ol’ garage. Who needed to swim when we were in puddles of sweat in 100-degree heat? Amirite?

{High five, team!}

Except for the whole, overflowing kids clothes Totes of Doom™ that were seemingly everywhere we needed to go through. It took houuuurs to finish.

Note to self: Lisa, you’re a dumbass. Go through these friggin’ things BEFORE you decide to go school shopping, or else you’ll end up spending money on clothes when you don’t need to. D’oh!! #moneysavingfail

storage totes organized clothes garage

That’s the “after” picture, with a little post-destroying-the-garage straightening still needed (There was no before pic. Be grateful, it would’ve scared you.) Each tote is now relabeled with the appropriate kid and size, but there’s still more clothes to be added to it, since we just started purging closets. Gulp.

Once the totes were gone through and useful current stuff pulled out, my laundry room looked like someone fed the Gremlinesque laundry after midnight, and my kindergartner’s clothes pile (once washed) looked like this:

girl pile of clothes


She literally has all new-to-her stuff now, all her older sister’s clothes that SHE once wore in pre-k and kindergarten. I was able to completely redo her wardrobe. She couldn’t be more excited about all the pretty stuff. I guess I hadn’t realized how much I had in there she could fit into, or else I wouldn’t have gotten so much for her for school. Yikes.

I feel pretty accomplished now. Except, because it was such a massive undertaking in the 100-degree heat, we didn’t get any downtime that day. I really wanted to go swimming and celebrate a little with some barbecue crammed in my face.

Ah, well.

What’d YOU do for Labor Day?

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