All I Want for Christmas… is Christmas

by Lisa Douglas

gift tag garland

I didn’t shop Black Friday.
I didn’t shop Cyber Week.
In fact, I believe there are a total of 3 or 4 presents purchased, and that’s because my husband went and got them.
I have lists of things I want to get, but I can’t seem to even begin to look, let alone price, let alone formulate a plan.
It’s here, again. The Christmas funk.

I think it’s from having given birth, because the last time it happened, it was 2008 after I’d given birth to Baby Dude. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but what I do know? With decorations (mostly) up, and the outdoor lights twinkling oh so bright, my tree is still awaiting being erected (ohthankyousomuch, inventor of baby gates, I eagerly awaiting the box at my door step so we can put our tree up), this momma just can’t seem to get into the Christmas spirit this year. And time ain’t a-waitin’ on me, either.

baby v sees christmas lights for the first time

Today, I forced myself. After watching a cheesy holiday movie with Baby Dude and getting (very) teary-eyed, I shook the crabby off myself, sprang up, and delved into a box of unhung decorations, turned on the “Holidays and Happenings” channel on DirecTV, and dug in. (We won’t mention I’m still fighting “the sick,” okay?)

Clear tacks? Check.

Sparkly tags and twinkly ribbon? Check.

Step stool? Umm.. no check.

Dining chair as impromptu step-stool? Check.

Wobbly mom afraid to fall, coughing up a lung, dangling from the ceiling, hanging Christmas decorations by herself with a toddler and infant all alone? Check.

But… as odd as it sounds, it’s working. I found myself humming and singing along while completely covered in glitter with holes in my thumbs from accidentally poking myself with thumbtacks.

Who knew all I needed was a bunch of discounted ornaments hung from present ribbon and a few crappy thumbtacks?

christmas decorating with ornaments

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