Goodbye, 2012. Hello, 2013. (Do I Have To?)

by Lisa Douglas

v smiling christmas 2012
I don’t want it to end. 2012 has been a good year, and I don’t want to say “Goodbye!” to it. I don’t want to say “Goodbye!” to our staycation, either. Nor do I want to say “Hello!” to going back to work, or school, or packing away our Christmas decorations and making my house seem unfestive and bare. I don’t want to get up early again, or rush to make school pick-up times, or homework or making school lunches.

I am so enjoying this extended time off with my family, I have been knitting and crafting and playing and sleeping late and having the best freaking time just being MOM and WIFE and not chauffeur, not tutor, not the Wicked Mom of the West with constant to-dos and a calendar so chock-full, it looks like graffiti.

The house has stayed remarkably clean, even with the cold weather and rain.

The snuggles have been a-plenty.

The food has been deliciously prepared and picked over for leftovers daily.

My computer has hardly been cracked open, and I LIKE IT.

We have had a deliciously good time, and I don’t want it to end. Please, today this last day of 2012 (and also our wedding anniversary), please make time stop, make the ball halt at 11:59 and let today last forever. Pleaseohplease.

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