Hair Bow Holder Tutorial – Recycled Craft

by Lisa Douglas

While Christmas shopping at Target, I saw this gorgeous sparkly pink ribbon that I couldn’t resist purchasing. I popped it into my cart, and happily brought it home to make SOMETHING out if it that I loved. When I began wrapping presents, removing hangers from clothes, is when it hit me – what if I recycled the hanger to make it into a hair bow holder for my daughter’s bows?


diy hairbow holder tutorial recycled craft

Not bad, huh?

You’ll need a 25mm ribbon (at least 20 feet or so in length), a claspy pants or skirt hanger, spray adhesive, hot glue, scissors, and something to cover your work surface (I used cardboard).

I always have spray adhesive and hot glue around my house for crafts – I find they always come in handy! I’d be a hot glue gunnin’ craftin’ machine if I could 🙂

Here are your pictorial directions for this hair bow holder tutorial:
diy hairbow holder tutorial recycled craft

I used a simple mug hook to hang it on the wall in the bathroom. I can even hang headbands over top on it, too!

What do you think? Not bad for the price of a roll of ribbon! Do you have a lot of bows for your kids? What do you use to store them?

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