Day at the Park Hilarity

by Lisa Douglas

After a busy morning of doing a lot of this…

kindergarten work
.. my butt was becoming numb and the sunshine was calling my name. “C’mon kids! Let’s gooooo!”

baby dude and me at the park

It was FINALLY warm enough, FINALLY sunny, FINALLY walk-worthy weather, and it wasn’t too wet. Hooray!

baby v at the park

The swings, however, didn’t go over too well.

baby v on the swing

I thought she might like swinging with her brother (like my other kids have):

double swing attempt

.. it worked for all of about a minute.

double swing fail

And then I came home in just enough time to get the elementary kids. I parked the stroller on the porch, piled into the car, and took off.

As soon as I pulled up to the school, my phone started speaking to me and it freaked me out.

Apparently, I’d forgotten to stop RunKeeper when I got home from the walk. It tracked me as walking 50mph from home to the school on the highway near our house, haha! Whoops.

runkeeper fail

Ah, well. Despite the fails, we had fun, anyway. 🙂

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