Laundry Detergent with Essential Oils

by Lisa Douglas
all natural laundry with Young Living essential oils

Let me introduce you to my laundry tackling arsenal, especially after the Pukepocalyse™ of 2014 this past weekend:Two all-important bottles of essential oils, and my mongo, extra huge size of Allen’s Naturally detergent. Boom, baby!

I have a hearty love of both Purification and Thieves oils, but the combo of the two in my laundry? Freaking MAGIC, friends.

What you don’t understand is, this is the huge bottle of detergent I use for diaper laundry – no additives, scents, or anything added. It gets everything clean alright, but there’s no scent to it, and it sometime fails in the smell department. (And I have smelly kids, yo!)

Purification is the most wonderful, amazing oil for parents that instantly gets rid of every odor. (And as all parents know, we get odor in DROVES with our kids, big and small.) Smelly gym clothes are no longer an issue. Even smellier gym shoes are no match. So let me assure you, when we were holding out our hands, desperately trying to not breathe and wretch while transporting the soiled laundry from Pukepocalyse™ to the washer, I knew a couple of drops of Purification would take care of the laundry, and DID IT EVER!

Young Living Essential Oils Laundry Recipe

Thieves is added for its germ-fighting capabilities, plus it smells fantastic (like cinnamony-gingerbread cookies). This powerful duo tackled every single load of my laundry-filled existence this past week with this stomach bug, and I could not be more pleased, and I just had to share.

And, believe it or not, there’s so much more to Thieves and Purification, too. But I’ll save those features for another day!

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