Taking Care of Me.. Differently

by Lisa Douglas

Maybe it’s the Olympics. Maybe it’s watching Meryl Davis skate her little @$$ off, winning the gold medal with Charlie. While watching the recaps at night on NBC, I walk or jog in place and lift weights, I want Meryl’s arms, dammit. Badly.

Meryl Davis arms

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I wake up every morning to an essential oil cocktail of Joy, Motivation, En-R-Gee and a shot of chilled Ningxia Red. My coffee isn’t the first thing I consume or do anymore. Coffee, in fact, has become more of a morning treat than a necessity. (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??!!)

I take vitamins and supplements and infuse my water with lemon oil. I also massage another essential oil concoction on my thighs, butt, and stomach for cellulite, giving myself a quick massage with a roller.

I’ve committed to walking 10,000 steps a day, any way that I can. Some days, it’s easier because I’m dancing with the kids to the Wii U (either Wii Fit U or Just Dance). Some days, yoga is my BFF while the baby naps. I take walks. I bike ride. I’m outside with the kids (now that the sucky weather has seemingly left us).

And I just signed up for the Labrada Lean Body 12 Week Challenge. (So scared!)

It’s happening, people. It’s h-a-p-p-e-n-i-n-g.

Beneath the oversized shirts that hide the holiday 2013 weight gain, and in the reflection of the mirror I stare down daily, I’m promising myself I will only see the positive and not rattle off at the mouth the negative. I am making time for this, for me, to achieve my goals of getting back into the shape I want to be the right way.

And despite my being impatient and wanting results NOW now, I will not lose sight of the prize. This is it. I will do it. There’s no going back now, Lisa. You can do it.

Starting now:

February 18th 2014

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