What Happens When Your Puppy Wants to Help Sweep

by Lisa Douglas

During her sweet, loving, helpful times, my toddler loves to help me clean (and by “clean” I mean, take over the spray, spray everyfrigginthing she can, “washing dishes” by running water all over the place and splashing about, using the broom to sweep for about five minutes before using it as a sword/weapon, etc.). Despite the messes, I want to keep encouraging her to help, even if it’s inconvenient.

Shortly after trimming dead leaves and branches off of plants in our garden, I began sweeping the porch to clean up our mess, and Baby V took over (as usual). What no one expected, though, was the dog’s sudden urge to “help,” too.

This puppy, my GOODNESS, she’s just fit right into our family, as though she’s always been here. In some ways, she’s Baby V’s doggy twin.

Have your pets ever done funny “helping” things like this before?

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