Surprise Secret Love Letters To Your Kids

by Lisa Douglas

So long as the weather holds out, we walk to and from school every day. Our neighborhood is fairly new, and filled with so much to admire and see while walking, to include a carved heart with someone’s name in the sidewalk from when the concrete was poured. “I wonder who wrote that in the pavement, mommy?” my kids have often wondered on our walks.

One day, I decided to surprise my kids – I took a rock and wrote “I {heart}..” with their names, right there on the sidewalk. A rock works a lot like chalk if you push hard enough.

secret love note on the sidewalkThere we were, walking home moments later, my son was skipping ahead of us, and he stopped dead in his tracks. “Mommy…. why is my name written on the sidewalk!?”

My daughter rushed up to join him to see. “Mine is TOO!”

It was a small gesture of love, but it impacted them big on their hearts. The hugs and kisses and squeals of delight were worth it. In fact, even after a couple week’s time, it’s still there! They look for it every walk to and from school. “Look mom!!”

Even in rock on a sidewalk nearby, they are reminded with just how much I love them.

Next, I think it’ll be lunchbox notes, or something left on their pillow before bedtime. Have you ever done this before for your kids?

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