by Lisa Douglas

Surprise! We’re moving you to Fort Bragg, because you promoted, and we need First Sergeants right now, so when you get here you’ll probably get a company within a couple months.

Surprise! No, no you’re not getting a company. You’ve been away too long. Oh, and you’re getting deployed.

Surprise! Your husband isn’t leaving for deployment when you thought he was, it’s actually a full month later than you expected.

Surprise! So, about that deployment thing.. remember how you were supposed to get that job, and didn’t, and we’re deploying you? Just kidding. I mean, you’re still getting deployed ‘n all, but, you’re not staying deployed. You’re being sent back early to take a company.

Surprise, kids! Your mema is coming to visit. Just kidding, it’s not your mema, it’s really YOUR DAD COMING HOME EARLY!

Surprise! So, um, this is why I’ve been a little quiet 😉 Tee hee! We were just a tad busy with this…

hubby getting promoted to First Sergeant

Former First Sergeant Douglas pinning his son, the new First Sergeant. What a memorable moment!

And this…

three generations of Army men

Three generations of military men. Everyone wanted to hear the stories Grand Poppy was telling. It was the sweetest thing!

And this…

Baby V hugging daddy

It is SO SO good to have daddy home, again. *big smiles*

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