Team Mom Duties Made Easy with VolunteerSpot #SignUpSpot

by Lisa Douglas

This is a sponsored post for VolunteerSpot for the #SignUpSpot campaign with Acorn Influence. 

My husband’s been a soccer coach for almost ten years now. Most of those years I’ve been his “Team Mom.” I was usually the one making the phone calls or sending emails if practice had to be canceled (since he was usually at work), I was the one collecting trophy money, making reservations for the after-season party, and I was also the halftime/after game snack organizer.

See my husband holding the Coach’s Clipboard of Doom™?

For years, we lived off our “coaching clipboard” with a few sheets of important paper consisting of: the team roster with child/parent contact info, the game schedule and field assignments, the snack schedule, the league rules, and picture info (when it was picture time). Looking back on it, we were “old school” back then, with papers for everything. Nowadays, with smartphones, those roster sheets, calendars, and everything are a thing of the past 😉

Our VolunteerSpot sign-up sheet for soccerWith VolunteerSpot, if you need to create a sign-up sheet for bringing snacks to games (like we need), you can send them the link, and they can sign-up from any computer or mobile device right there! VolunteerSpot for mobile

I can send them an invitation and have them sign-up right there on the sideline, or they can go home, take a look at what works for them, and sign-up later on their computer. Easy peasy! I can access the sign-up sheet on-the-go from anywhere to see who is bringing what, and when, and always know, because it has their contact info with their sign-up. Being Team Mom just got a whole lot easier!

Creating a calendar for a soccer team on VolunteerSpotCreating a new sign-up sheet and spots for the sign-up sheet couldn’t be easier, too. Just a few clicks, and you’re done! I’ve been able to help out the kids’ teachers by providing them (or their room moms) with assistance in organizing class parties with VolunteerSpot, too! Great for parties of all kinds, potlucks, book fairs, races, tournaments, and so many more events and programs!

VolunteerSpot is easyIf you haven’t signed up for VolunteerSpot yet, what are you waiting for? Simplify your volunteer work today 🙂

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