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by Lisa Douglas

Do you wear clothing that’s good for you, good for the earth, and good for the environment? Check out prAna Organic Cotton clothing offering you sustainable fashion free of pesticides and chemicals!

prAna Fall 2018
prAna Organic Cotton

prAna Organic Cotton Clothing

Organic cotton just feels good. It feels good against your skin, it feels good fresh from the laundry, it feels good for the environment, and it feels good on your conscience. No chemicals on your skin, no GMOs in production, well-made ethically-made clothing that just feels as good as it looks. That’s what prAna is all about, and I’m so happy to have partnered with prAna again to discuss the importance of organic cotton and share a few of my favorite pieces from their fall line!

prAna fall Paulina Dress
Organic cotton prAna Paulina Dress in black

prAna Fall Collection 2018

Those mornings after the kids have gone to school and I’m sipping on a quiet cup of coffee after my hectic morning, man, you just can’t beat it! Good coffee warming my belly, quiet house to myself softening my mind, and soft organic cotton clothing against my skin. The prAna Paulina Dress in black is that perfect dress to wear on a mild day in sneakers or throw a cardigan over it for the chillier fall days paired with boots and a scarf, it’s just so easy to layer and wear! Enjoy this organic cotton dress in black, gray, or teal!

Paulina Dress prAna

3 Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton

1. Because it’s better for you. If you choose organic food to eat and ingest, why not choose organic clothing for your skin? Your skin is the human body’s largest organ, absorbing everything that goes in to and on it.

2. Because it’s better for the farmers. Farmers and their families are no longer subjected to harmful chemicals when you purchase organic.

3. Because it’s better for the Earth. We hear a lot about water conservation at home, doing our best to conserve energy and resources, but when you buy organic, you’re helping to conserve water! By switching just one t-shirt to organic cotton, you save 115 gallons of water! (Whoa!)

Paulina Dress prAna Fall

Another of my organic cotton choices from prAna is the Seabord Short Sleeve Top. It has a relaxed fit that looks great dressed up or down, layered or not! Shown here with an organic cotton skirt, but could easily pair well with capris, jeans, canvas pants and more! Nice and cozy but ready to entertain, this top is available in black or white and also as a long sleeve!

Seabord Short Sleeve prAna Fall

For me, I want to feel as good about how my clothing is made and where it comes from as much as much as how good it looks and feels on my body.

Seabord Short Sleeve Top with skirt
Organic cotton prAna Seabord Short Sleeve Top in white

When you buy organic cotton products, you are supporting a process that eliminates the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, which not only protects the biodiversity of the land, but preserves a healthy environment for the cotton farmers and their families. Learn more about it with this quick informative video about why organic cotton matters!

prAna Coupon Code

Are you as excited as I am about wearing and purchasing organic cotton? Good! Now let’s get to shopping for organic cotton at! Save 15% on your purchase when you use my coupon code WCLDF18 at checkout. Hooray, you! Let me know what pieces you chose and how much you saved!

prAna Organic Cotton Fall 2018

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