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If, after getting to know me and my family through my blog, you have a product or service you think is shout-worthy from the rooftops, family-friendly, and worthy of an email, hit me up!

Send me your URL and a quick blurb about your product. No press releases, please. If you can’t write about it in your own words, why should I? I take pride in writing for a living, and that doesn’t include copying written works from others in any form, even if given permission to do so.

Current Affiliations

I currently work/am affiliated with the following brands:

Nintendo Ambassador Kmart Holiday Ambassador Truvia

Gatorade Sports Moms

I currently work/am affiliated with the following networks:

Crazy Adventures in Parenting is an advisory committee member of Collective Bias Crazy Adventures in Parenting is a member of One2OneNetwork Crazy Adventures in Parenting is a member of Mom Select - Bringing Companies and Moms TogetherCrazy Adventures in Parenting is a member of Role Mommy - Working Moms


Place an ad on Crazy Adventures in Parenting that will be seen by parents across the globe. Discounts are given for longer advertising purchase options. For ad prices, demographics and ad options, please email me for my media kit at ads.crazyadventuresinparenting at gmail dot com to get my attention.



Crazy Adventures in Parenting

Would you like your product thoroughly and vigorously tested by a family of nine?

I will not promote any products we find are not a good fit for our family, however I will give our candid and honest opinion about them, after trying them and testing them with my family.

I will not post about any products that we have not personally tested. I cannot stand behind a product that I, myself, or my family, have not personally tried. We really do our best to try each product out as the product is intended, which includes taking time to acquaint ourselves with the product, to use, reuse, and vigorously use the product. I really take pride in giving a thorough review, and to give a thorough review, that takes time. If you’re in need of a quick turnaround time, please state that in our communications, sometimes that might not be possible depending upon the product, or time constraints, but don’t hesitate to ask.

If there are specific things you would like me to test for, please let me know. If you haven’t already read examples of my review work, click on the review tab or email me at pr.crazyadventuresinparenting at gmail dot com to see additional works.

Event/Conference Sponsorships

Have you ever considered the power of having your brand and product promoted at some of the top blogging conference events? These conferences are chock-filled with hands-on learning and brimming with networking opportunities, where bloggers have the chance to meet the brands that support them and turn their social media connections into real-life, face-to-face connections in an environment created to foster those connections. Your sponsorship allows you the opportunity to infuse this networking-rich environment with your name, mission and product, and create buzz for your brand by bringing your company directly to this influential audience. I like to tailor a sponsorship package that fits your budget and
needs. Some promotion ideas may include:

  • Top billing ad placement on my site
  • Apparel/business cards branded with your logo
  • Acknowledging your sponsorship in conference-related posts, tweets,
    Facebook messages before, during, and after the conference
  • I can live-Tweet any event,
    there by placing your company and brand name frequently in the Twitter
  • Hosting a Twitter party sponsored by your brand before the
  • Plan a live contest or host a sponsored event (ie, luncheon,
    room party, cocktail get-together) to raise buzz about your company and learn more about your products

While I do not charge for representing your company and helping you reach your target market, I do ask for event registration sponsorship, along with full or partial-sponsorship covering conference fees, hotel, airfare, including per diem, and any applicable costs covered.

Upcoming events I’m attending available for sponsorship:

Type A Mom Conference June 2012

BlogHer ’12 August 2012

Interested in knowing more? Have another event you’d like covered? Please email me at pr.crazyadventuresinparenting at gmail dot com.

Travel Destinations and Brand Tours

We’re a travel-minded family, with being a military family as well as a big family and all. We love packing up our minivan and traveling quite frequently. I often talk about money-saving tips to make vacations kick-ass, and I love to promote anything travel-related with my readers. If you would like me and/or my family to visit your destination and document it, I would be happy to detail and share my travel experience with my audience. You can learn more about me and my family on my about me page.

Or, are you interested in inviting me out to your headquarters for some intensive learning and collaborating? I have visited many brand headquarters and developed many mutually beneficial relationships with these brands as a result. Interested in speaking with me, and getting to know one another? Let’s talk! Email me at crazyadventuresinparenting at gmail dot com.

My previous sponsored travel and/or brand destinations were:

  • An exclusive Mom Bloggers Mixer at DisneyWorld Orlando Florida May 2009
  • Euro-Pro Ninja Launch in NYC September 2009
  • Unilever Kitchens September 2010
  • Disney Social Media Moms Conference March 2011
  • Nintendo 3DS Launch and HQ April 2011
  • Gatorade HQ May 2011
  • General Mills Box Tops Event June 2011
  • Wilsonart Tour June 2011
  • Disneyland August 2011

Any questions? Please email me at crazyadventuresinparenting at gmail dot com.

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