Kickin’ it Old School 80’s Style

CBS The Early Show did a throwback to the 80’s yesterday morning and boy oh boy do I have some videos for you to snort loudly while laughing watch!!

Julie Chen, Harry Smith and Dave Price on an ’80s-style Early Show set, wearing outfits from the era, Thursday (CBS)

Go get some coffee or tea, just be sure not to take a mouthful while watching, unless you want to spray your screen.

Side note: I wish I could somehow get the whole show on tape to show it to you here, but alas, you’ll have to live with what they care to share on their website.

They had a fashion show of typical 80’s fashions. They had a few DeLoreans to show off (yeah Back to the Future!) and ohhh the ’80s commercials! They had a workout session with Richard Simmons, the king of the 80’s icons (who, by the way, is trying to get a Fit Kids Bill passed to get Phys. Ed. back in schools, so click on this website here to take a look). But by far, the funniest thing was “Dynasty” star Joan Collins trying to do the weather. I laughed. Hard. She rawked out loud! (and by ‘rawked’ I mean, she had no clue what state went where.) Brilliant!

I must say, though, despite her flubbed weather attempt, for age 75, she sure looks fabulous! 75!!!!

The CBS website also talks about how they were “treated” to performances of “noteworthy hits” of the day: Bertie Higgins reprising “Key Largo,”(don’t recall that song – at all? noteworthy? huh?) and Katrina, formerly of Katrina and the Waves doing “Walkin’ On Sunshine” (which is one of the awesomest songs of the 80’s, so HECK YEAH on the noteworthy part). Lastly they had one-hit-wonder Stacey Q of “Two of Hearts” fame performing. Holy cow, people! The first two performances on the show.. just regular everyday TV performances; the people sang their songs, did their ‘thing’ and were fully aware it was just a morning show. I guess Stacey Q didn’t get the memo. Bedazzled in her blue leather fringe jacket, she was rockin’ it like a rock star (and with the odd way she was swaying, it seems her coffee might’ve been a wee bit spiked). It was like a train wreck, I couldn’t not watch. Didn’t help her that she looked older than Joan Collins, either. Yikes!

Regardless, it was awesome. Julie’s hair was so 80’s, teased to high heck, just like I used to do back in the day. Made me remember my childhood of acid washed jeans, spandex, hyper-color t-shirts, bangle bracelets and more.

And maybe, maybe if you ask me nicely, I might just fish out some fab 80’s pics of me and share them with you. Maybe.

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