Growing Up

Baby dude is mobile, now, with his cute low-belly crawl, like a turtle, slithering his way from one place to the next (don’t worry, I’ll share a vlog of that soon). He moves from room to room, looking for me, for his siblings, for toys, for the little flecks of nothings I have to scour the floors to prevent him from getting, discovering our house, our things, our life. He’s doing it on his own, now, there’s no keeping him in one place. Everyday he finds something new, some place new, something not-yet-traveled by him. Only recently, he’s discovered he can stop and peruse his surroundings at will, and he doesn’t have to remain on his belly to do it. He’ll stop in his tracks, check things out, and …

.. sit up. He sits up, all on his own now! {tear}

He doesn’t stay up too well, though, so he rolly-pollie’s to the ground, or into things, so my poor baby dude gets a couple boo-boos, and I have to heartbreakingly calm him down, as I nestle him close, press his baby body against my neck and realize he’s getting bigger, and this is no where near the last of the boo-boos that will need consoling.

It is so bittersweet to see him sitting up on his own, seeing that baby head balancing on top of his baby shoulders, checking out his world around him, and knowing he’s getting bigger and he isn’t going to be this little forever.

I wish I could stop time, or bottle up these moments forever.

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