How to Install a Printer, Kid Style

First, you open the box:

open printer box
Then, while mommy fiddles with the install CD and settings, you discover you can sit and stand in the packing foam while ripping it apart. Cool!

kids play with packing foam
Also, the bag it came with makes for a good makeshift pom-pom. It makes a lot of noise! Sweet!

making noise
Ooh, when you break off the foam, you can use a piece of cardboard as an easel, and pretend to color, like me! See?

recycle cardboard for easel
This foam makes a pretty good necklace, too. How ya like my bling, mom?

pretend necklace
This is how we roll, printer-installation-style. Whatcha think?

(Psst, we’re participating in Beth’s You Capture today)

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