Top Teeth

We literally had to hang Baby Dude by the rafters to get a shot of his new tooth poking through. (Alright, we don’t have any rafters, but still…) Operation Dangle Baby Dude had to be done, he wouldn’t let us pry his baby mouth open long enough to get a picture of it, and it’s finally broken through!

Doesn’t he understand how important it is to me, as a momma, to photograph his entire baby life? Every tooth, step, smile, walk, talk- every first he and his siblings have! I gotta snap it for posterity! Dangle away, dude. {flash} We’ve got you, and the picture! See?

Top Teeth coming through
Now please, Baby Dude, do not try that new sucker out while feeding on mommy as payback, okay? {cringes}

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