To Do Tuesday Week 60

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Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

This week is going to be bittersweet – my husband leaves this weekend to go to a school for 3+ weeks away from us, so I’m flying the end of the school year solo. I’m not particularly happy about being husband-less at any point, let alone right now. But with the Army, that’s kind-of how they roll, so I have to roll with ’em, whether I want to or not.

So for this week? It’s preparation central here, trying to make sure everything’s set for his departure, should anything “happen.” It’s also the Army way that, when guys leave, all hell breaks loose. True story. I fear these next three weeks because of that superstition alone.

*Girls hair trims today at 4:30. (Should take pictures of my trim, too. I guess?)
*Prep for hubby’s trip, to include oil changes/tire pressure/fluids for his car.
*Try NOT to miss him too much (but who’m I kidding) 🙁
*Purchase plants for “holes” in garden & finish back corner.
*Research desk/organization options for “spare” room, as project while hubby’s away
*Fertilize the lawn, and remember to water everyday.
*Walk with the family every night weather permitting
*Continue cleaning out stuff, reorganizing & selling/donating.
*Finish paying our bills for the month (began but was interrupted)
*Grocery shopping/print coupons/list for this week

Staying on my diet every day*
Work out on 30 Day Shred, EAS Active More Workouts and walking ALL WEEK* (I’m beginning a new phase of fitness where I walk everyday, strength train every day, and now want to incorporate running possibly, too, everyday. Am I nuts?)

*Will weigh tomorrow for the LAST Wednesday Weigh-in with the Shrinking Jeans ladies 🙁 Spring Fling challenge is over! 🙁 I don’t want it to be!

Today’s motivation – Keep on keepin’ on. Sometimes it’s best you muscle-up and do things you don’t want to, when you’re feeling low, not in the “mood” and it turns out to be the best decision you could’ve made. I’m going to muscle it through these next few weeks, solo, and other things I normally would just “write off” in hopes these decisions end up being great ones. Who knows what the wind will bring if you deny it breathing you a breath of fresh air?

Last weeks goal: Finish the garden (not done, no time)
This weeks goal: Definitely finish it!

Would you like to join us this week for To-Do Tuesday? Start with just a few things. Don’t over-do it your first couple of times. You’ll grow to become a list-a-holic later, start small now, though, k?
Just so you know, you can join us at anytime, it doesn’t have to be on Tuesdays – the list will go up every Tuesday for you to link to, but you can make your list and link to us at any point in the week!

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