Kids Sleep Anywhere, Part 2

My super-squirrel-y ninjasleep skills are busy at work again, young Padawans. This time, after a trip to the ever-addictive Starbucks did my young sleepmeisters fall out, hard. First, my Baby Dude, who was originally laid upon the pillow on the couch. After a couple stretches, he ended up like this:

(I think my laundry may have something to do with it, don’t ya think?)

Next up, Baby Sis, who apparently was trying to get her Dora blanket out of the trunk, and gave up trying, and just decided to lay on it instead.

(Don’t worry, I only kept her in there long enough to snap a picture. Or three. And to show my husband.)

Kids are awesome. And sleeping kids? Even awesomer.

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