A Super Hero Kind-of Day with Spiderman & Iron Man 2

Spiderman came to visit the children of Fort Polk last Friday at the ACS Fest. With boys, you can’t help but be a Super Hero lover, and Spidey has always been one of our faves.

My toddler, however, is all-Princesses, all the time. Spiderman-who? was her take on this. But she sat, eagerly awaiting entertainment, with her siblings and other children.

Meanwhile, my husband did his best to keep Baby Dude entertained, since it seemed the wait was forever.

He’s here! It’s Spiderman!

Baby Dude was perplexed by the man in the costume.

Meanwhile, four of our kidlets were absolutely mesmerized by the man in red and blue.

Well, almost mesmerized, anyway…

And there there was Baby Dude, who hadn’t moved since Spidey came out.

After a few jokes and giggles, and some prodding from good ol’ Dad, he showed some signs of life..

Then came the audience participation and the search for on-stage helpers. Immediately, my six-year-old freaks out.

Even Baby Dude got into the hand-waving action (with a hearty assist from the Dad-type person)

My oldest son, Spazzy McSpazzerson was DEFINITELY wanting some face time with the Spider Dude

Unfortunately, there were no posed pictures with Spiderman offered, so we had to entertain the kids another way. It wasn’t hard. “Hey kids, want to climb?”
And she did. 

(Don’t worry, they didn’t get tangled when she came back down. But almost.)

Hey kids, want to shoot a paintball gun?
And they did.

My curly headed six-year-old need some help from someone experienced, given the gun was bigger than he was. Ha!

Besides, he didn’t mind the help, anyway. The boy who helped him had “cool hair” like he does.

After a buttload of water to drink and some dinner, we were back out again, this time to the on-post movie theatre to see Iron Man 2 with good friends and all eleventy-billion of our kids. All-in-all, not a bad day, if you ask me.

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