House Destruction a la Toddlers. {Caption This} #parentingfail

When bad things happen to pretty packages. This was a present my kids decided to destroy in order to throw (literally) a “confetti party.”

I became tipped off as soon as she came into my bedroom (office) with blue sh*t on her head, wig-like like Troy Polamalu. I may have screamed like a sissy-lala, yelling “OHHH HELLLLLL NOOOOOO!” as she sprinkled this stuff to-and-fro, chasing her out of my room, only to walk out, unsuspectingly, to find this. E-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

This was done in a matter of five minutes by two toddlers, who apparently have amazing destructive and ninja-like skills.

See? My house isn’t pretty all the time. We have our bad days, and yesterday was a BAD HOUSE DAY. Just keeping it real, yo.

So, caption this photo!

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