Holiday Cards Input – Can You Help Me Pick?

I am going to NOT suck and wait until the last minute this year to send cards or plan to send cards. I don’t mean to procrastinate. I promisepromisepromise to have all my addresses printed (with a working printer again, yay!) and actual holiday stamps and niceties ‘n stuff. I have to be sure I’m on my holiday game this year, with our address change and all.

Besides, being the craft-lover that I am, I love taking holiday cards sent to me over the years and creating wonderful crafts out of them with the kids, to recycle and make pretty decorations (tutorials coming). Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?

This year, with all our travel adventures we’ve taken, and many photos I’ve taken, I want our cards to really razzle-dazzle. But I’m really torn on what to pick.

What do you the following do you think I should get? I’ve narrowed down my choices to these three four that I found at Tiny Prints.

Or this one?

Or THIS one!?

Or…. THIS one?

Ahh, do you see my dilemma? Which would you pick for my big family?

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