Why Toddlers Are Smarter Than Parents, Lesson 1


My sweet Baby Sis and her girly-ish voice are making these high-pitched hiccup sounds while standing next to my husband.


He’s packing his gym bag for tomorrow morning’s PT, getting ready..


“Baby? Why don’t you go over there and hold your breath until your hiccups are gone?”

“Otay.” Hiccup!

About ten minutes later, my oldest son comes in, looking for his missing wallet. “Have you seen it? Baby Dude says it’s in here.”

“What? Why would it be in our room?” I puzzledly ask.

“Because they always take my stuff and move it, and Baby Dude says it’s in here.”

I call out to Baby Sis, but don’t see her as she enters the room to answer, “Baby Sis? Do you know where your brother’s wallet is?”


Snap! I hear skin-on-skin contact.

“Were you two playing with his wallet when you were playing with the fake money earlier?”


Snap! I hear skin-on-skin contact again. I turn to face her, seeing her grasping her mouth with both her hands. Apparently, the ‘snapping’ I’ve been hearing is her removing her hands from her face long enough to answer, then immediately ‘snapping’ them back.

“Baby? What’s the matter? What are you doing?”

“Daddy says I have to hold my breath because I have the hiccups.”

And then I die with laughter, affirming toddlers are truly smarter (and more literal) than parents.

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