Wrapapalooza Hilarity

(Alternately titled: Why We Need Our Own Reality Show)

Hubs and I have suddenly grown a brain decided this year will be *the year* we’re not up until 3am wrapping e-v-e-r-y-p-r-e-s-e-n-t for our children. We decided to begin wrapping this afternoon, while the older kids were upstairs playing Risk and the younger two were watching Christmas programs on NOGGIN.

Why do we stay up late wrapping presents, you ask? Simple – we’re getting old and forgetful. And we LOVE choreographing the present opening based on recollection. For example – if there are two related gifts (i.e. each of the older kids got Heely’s), we like to have them all open it together, at the same time. It’s just the added magic to Christmas that hubs and I bring *tiger wink*

But since we’re starting earlier this year, we decided to do a “symbol” system. The kids will have to look for matching symbols to open together, so this way we won’t rely upon our tired memory, AND we get to get sleep! SCORE! *high five*

Except, there we were, in the middle of finishing up a combo/related present set for the boys, when I ask:

Me: “Where are we at with this one, star-six?”

Hubs: “Yes. Or, as we like to say in Spanish, cuatro y uno.”

Me: “Wait. Cuatro y uno?”

Hubs: “Yeah. Cuatro y uno. Uh, which is, you know, one less than seis.”

Me: (Hilariously laughing.)

Hubs: “It’s a game. Kind-of like Soduko. SHUT UP!”

Me: (Still hilariously laughing.)

Hubs: “DAMMIT, I’m not talking to you anymore.”

Me: (Dies on floor hysterically.)

This? This goes on for hours upon hours while we wrap, too. (And? If we can dig out from under wrapping paper, there might be more hilarious conversations posted later. Stay tuned.)

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