29 Weeks Pregnant – The Struggling, Not-Doing-So-Well Edition

by Lisa Douglas

When I had my daughter back in ’07, I ended up with a whopping case of PPD. I recall being particularly stressed out and emotional during her pregnancy, too. It seems that’s happening during this pregnancy as well.

I may seem uppity and cheerful and chipper and happy, and I sure do try to put on a ‘brave face’ most of the time, because that’s just me and ‘how I roll’ – I suck it up and power through. Most times? It works. It also usually isn’t always a bad day. But when the bad days do indeed hit? Wow.

Despite how round and voluptuous I am, I become FLATTENED, like the pavement. 

Perhaps it’s the holiday stresses. Or it could be the end-of-pregnancy blues you begin to feel. It could very well be that it’s really hitting me hard that this is the last time I’ll be pregnant. Or maybe, it’s really all of it all rolled into one, and slathered with a healthy helping of pregnancy hormones.

Nonetheless, this final week of Christmas prep has been particularly nightmarish, and my favorite holiday of the year I’m suddenly dreading. And that so, totally, isn’t like me at all.

My new favorite pajamas by Moody Mamas.

Today is one of those ‘brave face’ days. It’s the day before Christmas Eve, and there are final preparations to accomplish, and a gift for hubs I’ve been chasing all over town with no success in finding it thus far. (First ever time in history he’s done before I am!)

I’m going to get dressed, step outside in this frigid weather (hello, Texas? What the heck!? 40’s, really?), and do my best to get ‘er done today, despite my melancholy mood. It is Christmas, after all, and there are six children and a beautiful husband who need me.

Baby bump progression thus far:

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