22 Week Baby Belly

by Lisa Douglas

I feel “pointier” than last time, wouldn’t you agree?

22 week belly

Kind-of like an arrow, pointing my way this way, or that way. Haha. “Where are you going, mom?”

{Sticks belly out towards the kitchen} Heh.

Today is a celebration – my husband comes home after two.long.freaking.weeks. of him being gone on Army assignment. Soccer is almost over, and I survived! We all survived! (Barely.)

I’m beginning to feel that “food is icky” feeling again. Nothing appeals to me. I think it’s also a tired-of-cooking-every-meal thing, or tired-of-being-the-only-parent thing, or maybe it’s a just-plain-tired thing.

Did I mention I’m tired? No? Well, then.

The kids have started playing the name game. This never leads to good things. “No, kids, we cannot name your baby brother or sister Thor. Or Dora. Or Power Ranger.”

They’re also taking bets as to the gender of our tie-breaker seventh child. “It’s a boy, because boys are awesome!”

“Nooo! Girls are!”

And then, mom hides in a corner, plugging her ears, while the kids proceed with the “OH YES THEY ARE!” “OH NO THEY AREN’T” argument that lasts for.ev.er. {slaps forehead}

Who will win? Boy or girl? What do you think?

Baby bump progression thus far:

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