17 Weeks Baby Belly

by Lisa Douglas

I wore a tighter shirt for this pic, to really accentuate the baby belly action going on down there, especially since my last picture was of a baggy-ish one.

baby belly 17 weeks
Hello, baby! And hello, boobs! Gah!

I’ve felt pretty good this week – between Baby Dude’s birthday and Toy Story party (OMGHE’STHREE!), along with getting a lot accomplished at home, organizing-wise. (Is it possible to be nesting already almost half-way through!?)

This week I haven’t really had any particular cravings, per se. I know I passed on the birthday cake, though. I’m not really into sweets right now. At all. (Shocking, right!?) But I am feeling a penchant for pumpkin, since October’s about here. (Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pumpkin Bread anyone?)

Working out is beginning to get tough, though. I am really beginning to feel a limitation being pushed upon me. I’m going to be taking more walks and slowing my runs, it seems (as though I wasn’t already slow enough already).

I feel I should be doing more than belly pics, to commemorate this as my last pregnancy. Anything you can think of?

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