20 Week Belly Bump. Halfway There! Whoa, Baby!

by Lisa Douglas

20 Weeks. T-w-e-n-t-y.

The halfway mark, baby. Comin’ to you live from my son’s doctor’s appointment this week, instead of my master bathroom. Because I liked my cute “Mom of 6” shirt (which, I suppose, I need a replacement for, given this’ll be baby #7).

I’m feeling the baby move SO much lately, this one is most certainly a gymnast, or breakdancer, or something.

I’m also being asked repeatedly by my toddler and seven-year-old if the “baby is coming out yet.” I don’t know whether they think I look huge enough to give birth right now, or if they’re just that eager to meet their baby sibling.

I think it’s the latter. (At least, for my sanity’s sake.)

Oh, and, um, {whispers} cue the love of food once more. Yeah, that whole, “I hate food” thing from a couple weeks ago? Gone. (Heh.)


Baby bump progression thus far:

I don’t know about you, but I kind-of like wearing tighter shirts than baggier ones. The tighter ones flaunt my bump and, I think, make me look skinnier, and not so Whale-like. What do you think?

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