18 Weeks Belly and The Only Pregnant Person That Hates Eating (That’s Me!)

by Lisa Douglas

Why hello, baby belly. You’ve certainly made yourself known these last four weeks.

Getting ready to work-out

The fluttering and movement inside is getting more and more frenetic, this baby is a mover and a shaker, alright! Maybe he/she’s practicing running inside? Or dancing?

My workouts are getting a lot tougher, sooner than I imagined they would. I don’t want to give up, though. I will continue to persevere. But commence Operation Wogging (walk-jogging)

My cravings have been nil this week. In fact, I’m eating less, it seems. I simply am almost turned off by all food right now! I used to love bananas, now.. I don’t. And I only eat when I’m super-hungry and need to eat, and even then, it feels more like a chore. Strange, huh? Eating is so.. blerg right now.

Blerg. Your new favorite word. You’re welcome.

Progression thus far:

Goooood gravy, baby! Momma needs some new shirts!

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