23 Week Baby Belly – The Crazy Hair Edition

by Lisa Douglas

He or she has been busy dancin’ inside. A LOT. He/she is a pretty good sleeper at night, but the second I get up to go pee? This wee one thinks it’s “go” time.

“Is it time? Is it? Is it time? Can I dance now?”

DancedancedanceKICKdancedance. Sigh.

Definitely not pointy like last week.

I decided to throw-back to my early-twenties and get a little crazy-funky with my hairstyle today. Instead of wearing one, very parental, mom-type clip in the back, I separated my hair into two, and let a little fringe fly.

Food is still minorly icky. Baby is already an olympian. Mom needs to get exercising more (now that daddy’s home and she has time). Otherwise, all is well.

Baby bump progression thus far:

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