Kids Sleep Anywhere, The “Baby Dude is Everywhere” Edition

After a long, hard day of playing outside, with all that fresh air he enjoyed, he fell out early one night. Disrupting his beauty sleep enough simply changing his diaper, we lovingly put him to bed, (our king-sized bed, mind you), and he TOOK OVER. He’s the littlest one (until the new baby is born) and he is, by far, the biggest contortionist of them all.

And just when he shifts, and you think you’ll be able to lay down, he strikes again.

Even poor teddy bear friends are no match for the sleeping Baby Dude. You’re not something to cuddle, you’re MY PILLOW, pal!

Oh boy!

(If you haven’t noticed, my kids have a knack for this sleeping anywhere business. Check out more hilarious photos by browsing my kids sleep anywhere series!)

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