Operation Awesome School Lunch, Day 9

**Important!** Question for those of you following along with my lunch-making series: Do you find posting everyday is beneficial to you? Or do you choose to check the main page instead at your leisure? I enjoy posting these for you everyday, giving you the updates, etc., but I’m concerned that maybe it’s clogging up my site for you, my friends. Please weigh-in and let me know, so if you’d like me to only update with a lunch post once a week, but the main school lunch page every day, let me know in the comments!

Yesterday’s lunch went spectacularly. Older kids at the everloving crap out of their DIY taco kits and, amazingly enough, my kindergartner didn’t even notice there was no nutella in sight in her lunch box. Whew. She’s been quite the toughy as far as making lunch goes.

Today is also a nutella-free lunch for her, here’s hoping she doesn’t notice (edit, she did. Sigh). That kid would eat nutella for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we let her. Today, for her I made her chicken nuggets and a cupful of barbecue sauce to dip in.

chicken nuggets and breadstick for school lunch

The kids’ pizza dishes looked sexy, if I do say so myself. Homemade pizza is always a win at my house, but for lunch the next day? Score!

homemade pizza for school lunch

For my son (above), we gave him a different dish – one that could hold A LOT of pizza. We also made him a salad, too.

homemade pizza and vegetables for school lunch

My daughter was fine with corn, a breadstick and pizza, but didn’t want a salad, so we chopped some carrots for her.

homemade pizza school lunch

My third-grader practically had to be BOUGHT to eat pizza, his supposed “favorite meal.” Favorite meal my BUTT! He only ate two pieces at dinner last night, and almost said, “NO!” to pizza for lunch altogether. Underneath his slices you might spy a grilled cheese, his default go-to for lunch (or any meal). Oy!

This week went by FAST! It’s FRIDAY! Hooray! Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts about the series frequency, and what you think about it thus far, I’d love to hear it!