Make Ahead Breakfast Wraps in Bulk

make ahead breakfast wraps

Have you ever had one of those Sonic breakfast burrito wraps before? The ones with diced jalapeno, potato, and minced sausage? I enjoyed the flavors it offered, but not the price tag for convenience, especially since I know I can make that myself, and make it healthier.

make ahead breakfast wraps

Being the budgeter that I am, I’d rather come up with a quick, nutritious breakfast of my own without having to spend too much to do so. Plus, I can make them and freeze ’em ahead of time for my kids to make mornings that much easier. And when you make them yourself? You’re eliminating the extra “gunk” and chemicals added, making them fresher, healthier, and all-natural. Win!

make ahead breakfast wraps

The cool thing about these is that you can prepare A LOT ahead of time, and use them whenever. Buy a carton of eggs, a bag or package of cheese, some sausage or bacon, prepare them and get wrappin’! You can add or omit whatever you like, you can prepare sausage for yourself while making your child’s favorite with bacon. The key here is that you can tailor-make these to whomever will eat them, prepare them ahead of time, and have them on hand to make mornings that much simpler.

Here’s the visual instructions on how to crank out these fantastic (and easy) make ahead breakfast wraps:

make ahead breakfast wrap instructions

What do you think? Is this something you could create for your family? Have you ever tried making something like this before?

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