My Right Hand Baby {Video}

I turn the corner in the kitchen, and she immediately begins to wail. She has to have me in her sights every waking moment, or else, she’s a massive pile of whimpering infant. I have never, ever had a baby this attached to me so much. It’s almost… foreign to me, the changes between this child and the rest, how different and unique she is. It’s almost like relearning to be a parent all over again.

baby v and me

But then there are those all-too-familiar similarities – the no-excuses poopy-out-the-diaper accidents, the wobbly-legged standing, the uncontrollable giggles from nibbling teeny baby neck, or the “baby humps” when they rock back and forth, excited about their new mobilities. My goodness, it’s amazing how you watch this new baby learn and do these things your older children once did, and you can almost see them that small again, reliving those moments back in time.

baby v park with daddy

And then there’s those moments you can’t help but capture on video to relive forever and ever. My two youngest are two peas in a pod. They were playing underneath the dinner table last night before bed, and her laugh is simply infectious:

I can’t get over how big she’s getting, how fast time is flying by, and how I want to video every moment, so that I never forget.

Do you video your kids often, or take pictures?