And Then She Said “Mama”

by Lisa Douglas

Baby V finally said it! I’ve endured “Dada” for months, and “Nana” and “Tata” and “Gaga” but never “Mama.”

baby v target up&up

And there we were, just finishing up her third feeding of the day with Target up&up baby pouches, and maybe she was licking her lips? Maybe she was maneuvering her tongue around for that last little tasty bit to swallow? But she said it (!!!) as her mouth, covered in baby food, muttered the very words I’ve dreamed of these past nine months. The coveted words for any mom to an infant. “Ma… ma… mama… ma!”

Hooray! I actually almost let her stay in her bouncer for longer, just to piss her off just enough to get her to say it again and again. (But I didn’t. I couldn’t.) And, of course, I can’t get her to say it again after that, particularly with video at the ready to cement this momentous occasion. But I will. Soon. I promise. (I hope!)

I think she was thankful for the yummy food she was eating today. As grateful as I am for the “mama,” I’m even more grateful to have her finally enjoying baby food instead of small, safe pieces of what we’re eating.

She almost skipped completely over eating baby food entirely. By the time she became interested in having something other than breastmilk, causing us to rush to purchase the ever-popular “name brand” baby food, cracking open the jar, breaking out the brand new feeding spoons, instead of seeing the happy experimental baby, we watched her gag and flail and seem completely disinterested. It didn’t stop her from still reaching for OUR food and OUR utensils, though. What the heck, you know?

It was the WEIRDEST thing, because she would love playing with my oatmeal spoon, or peanut butter spoon, instinctively putting it into her mouth to suck on the remnants and mimic us. But why wouldn’t she eat her own food off her own spoon? We even tried a lot of different foods and flavors, and wasted a lot of money with foods she seemingly hated. I have never, EVER been met with such a stubborn baby. (Well, maybe. Baby Dude was pretty adamant he hated baby cereal.)

And just when I had given up all hope of feeding her baby-safe items instead of our mashed food, like magic, the Target up&up baby products arrived for our review. I’ve never used these pouchy thingies before,  as I’m pretty sure they didn’t have them when Baby Dude was eating baby food (but I could be wrong). And I was totally skeptical at first, because everything resembling baby food she seemingly hated with the fire of a thousand suns. But look!

baby v talks target up&up collage

I’m so happy she enjoyed that plum banana pouch, totally doing it all by herself (with a little help from me, stealthily squeezing while she had it in her mouth), and we both win.

baby v done target up&up

Want some, too, mom?

Today is a day of celebration! I’m celebrating finally finding something she’ll eat and enjoy, and those coveted, blessed words she muttered. “Mama.” {happy sigh} Maybe she was thanking me? Maybe she was just mumbling with yummy food in her mouth, but I’ll take it!

Do you want your baby to say “mama” err, eat some yummy, easy to eat food, too? Target up&up baby food pouches are found in the baby aisle alongside the brands you already recognize. Completely hassle-free and convenient, these little suckers can be easily packed in your bag for when you’re on-the-go, too.

target upandup logo

up&up is an exclusive Target brand of over 1000 different well-designed products at low prices, giving you alternatives to the more expensive name brand items often sold. Money-saving options? Heck yes!

While this post was compensated, my adorable feeding infant, my love of Target, and celebration of her saying “mama” after her dinner are all experiences exclusively my own. Thank you, Target, for helping elicit the elusive “mama” out of my daughter. #samp

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