tree sitting

Today, He’s Ten

I don’t know how we got here. To double-digits, just like that. I blinked, and my curly-haired, sweet-faced, wide-eyed boy suddenly is ten. I scoured …

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My Thirty Year Old Gift

I knew the bowling balls were stored away in a box somewhere, I just didn’t exactly remember where we’d put them when we redid the …

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6yo doing dishes

Childhood Chore Memories

“Mommy? Are you doing dishes?!” She calls to me from another room. “WAIT!” She barrels into the room, hopped up on corn bread from dinner, …

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baby v target up&up

And Then She Said “Mama”

Baby V finally said it! I’ve endured “Dada” for months, and “Nana” and “Tata” and “Gaga” but never “Mama.” And there we were, just finishing …

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