Parent Math

1 mom
2 vacuumed rooms
3 windows and doors opened because of the vacuum sucking up something that smelled like it was burning
3 meals cooked
3 cups of coffee consumed
2 trips back and forth to pick up and drop off teenager to work
4.5 loads of laundry washed and folded
5 school lunches made
1 science project created
1 Valentine’s Box glued and colored
2 dishwasher loads washed and put away
12 baked potatoes made
14 steak sandwiches prepared for dinner & lunches the next day
45 muffins baked for breakfast
2 spilled drinks cleaned up
3 dirty diapers changed
1 baby puke cleaned up
6:15am alarm set
5 school days this week
47 Valentines to make by Thursday
7 more days until hubby comes home
1 mom, enjoying 7 sleeping children with 1 bowl of ice cream watching 1 show on her DVR after all this on 1 Sunday.