Frusion® C-Charged™ Yogurt Awesome #TryFrusionFree

This post is sponsored by Frusion® and Burst Media.

frusion® c-charged™ yogurt drinksWe’re huge yogurt fans in our family, and have in the past few months taken to consuming yogurt drinks now, too, especially in the summer. I regularly wake up, begin brewing my coffee, and take a swig or two of a green smoothie along with a yogurt drink in the fridge; I feel it helps me start my day off right. It’s been tough lately, though, because I have a certain child (cough Super M cough) who keeps sneaking my yogurt drinks behind my back, sometimes emptying them without warning! I decided to go out and get him one of his own – Frusion® C-Charged™.

My son has no shame, he know’s he’s the biggest yogurt drink sneaker we have. (He’s also the one that adores my green smoothies while the other kids balk at the color and won’t even touch it with a ten-foot pole.) He likes these come in seven-ounce sizes that are perfect for single servings, just grab-n-go, especially with these busy days in the summer sun.

drinking frusion® c-charged™Given all the yogurt drinks he’s stolen from me in the past, you would think he’d let his mother share a sip to try? HECK NO. That kid fought me like a BEAR, not wanting to divulge a single drop!

fighting for frusion®He barely let his dad have any either, heh.

dad drinking frusion®Frusion® C-Charged™ yogurt smoothies have a full day’s supply of Vitamin C in them, as well as half your daily calcium. I find this absolutely fantastic, because we consume yogurt to help stay healthy and fight off illness as it is. (Did you know – “Not only is yogurt packed with vitamins and protein, it’s also a source of lactobacillus, a probiotic (or beneficial type of bacteria) that helps fight off the bad guys and also gives your immune system a boost.” – from this article.) The fact that this drink now has a daily supply of Vitamin C helps us even further in that respect. Yeah, baby! I like that Frusion®’s not only health-minded, but pretty tasty, too.

frusion® c-charged™ nutrition labelsRight now, Frusion® is offering a rebate if you purchase a four-pack or four singles. Be sure to see their rebate on Facebook (and like them while you’re there, too!)

Do you like drinking yogurt drinks? What are your favorite flavors?