Life List Item Checked Off: Riding Bikes with My Kids

We’d been wanting to get these for some time. I am so excited to be able to bike ride with ALL of my children, even if only briefly before we have to go somewhere, or it’s too darn hot out (still). We do our best to get out there every day. I can’t believe how long it’s been.

bike riding fool

(Pay attention to the bike tires and not the spare tire around mommy’s belly, okay?)

“Mommy? Can you bike ride wif us?” Is pretty much the awesomest.phrase.ever. because now I can say, “YES!!”

bike trailerBaby V requires a little bit of coercion, though. She’s not the hugest fan of sitting back there for too long. Yesterday, I bribed her with a snack so my husband could get these shots.

kids in the bike trailerIf you need me, I’ll be outside on a ride with my kids.