First Time Fishing

altogether It’s not that we, ourselves, had never fished, we’d just never fished with our kids. Together. Our older daughter had fished for catfish with her friend in Fort Polk. Our older son had fished with his friends, too. Both my husband and myself, we’d fished with our family and relatives on our own, but never together with one another, let alone with our family. This was a special day, and it was a gorgeous one to capture these memories.

Baby Dude fishing line He was so excited to be out on the water at his friend’s birthday. And about WORMS.

worms Baby Dude fishing for minnows alone Baby Sis fishing alone She was not at all excited about the worms. Or the fishing. Or the strangers. Or the uneven ground. She pretty much stuck close to us, observing.

baby v Until daddy showed her how to do it, too.

Baby V's turn catching minnows Baby Sis catching minnows These two, OMG. This picture. This moment. Swoon.

these two - OMG paddleboats Baby V birds park bench playing ball with daddy fishing with friends He caught a (baby) fish!

he caught one Aren’t these boys so handsome?

tree sitting My big dude